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Скачать Playboy USA (May-June 2017) с файлообменника

Картинка Playboy USA (May-June 2017)

«Playboy» - легендарный журнал для мужчин, основанный в 1953 году Хью Хефнером и его коллегами, выросший в настоящую империю Playboy Enterprises, влияние которой распространяется на все области медиа. Плейбой - один из самых известных в мире брендов. Охватывает очень широкий тематический спектр: яркие фоторепортажи со светских раутов, эксклюзивные съемки знаменитостей, самые красивые женщины мира, впечатляющие рассказы о путешествиях, престижные автомобили, мужская мода и современный стиль жизни.


ART A-list tattooist Scott Campbell’s inky depths hold an affinity for skulls; he emblazons our Rabbit on a Playmate 24
CULTURE Amnesty International, the Women’s March and the fight to legalize consensual prostitution 28
SEX Wait, you can do what in Oregon? A geographic breakdown of nudity laws across the U.S. 32
LIFESTYLE Now that it’s legal to buy both weed and Cuban cigars, what does the future hold for stogies? 34
PLAYBOY ADVISOR Camgirls, manscaping and how to be better in bed: Bridget Phetasy levels up your sex life 36

INTERVIEW If anyone is going to put fake news in the corner, it’s Vox.com founder Ezra Klein 39
THE NEW GREATIVES How the sexy, surreal Kaplan twins and 10 other artists are redefining beauty in 2017 60
FICTION Ajournalist doesn’t know whom to trust after a viral TV disaster in Dennis Lehane’s The Sparrow 78
MDMA’S LONG, STRANGE TRIP Drug-fueled psychotherapy is leading a psychedelic renaissance 100
20Q The Big Sick's Kumail Nanjiani isn’t going to keep quiet about Trump’s America 114
FICTION In Matthew Sharpe’s Monsters, a disgraced NFL player takes refuge in a woman’s home—unbeknownst to her 128
PORN TO THE PEOPLE Hump! festival’s titillatingjourney to becoming the authority on indie erotica 150
HERITAGE Explore playboy’s history with the pop-art movement—including two hitherto unpublished Warhol pieces 164

PLAYMATE OF THE YEAR Behold the unbridled spirit of Brook Power as she explores the Playboy Mansion 48
OH LADA! Accomplished but irresistibly humble, May Playmate Lada Kravchenko is a Russian unicorn 84
MUSINGS Sera Mann makes a case for why you should stop and smell the roses 106
COURT AND SPARK Warmer days with JessiM’Bengue are on point—and the score is definitely love-love 118
ROAD WARRIOR Head out on the highway with June Playmate Elsie Hewitt 134
SUN-KISSED SUMMER Vacation? Yes, please, but only if Julia Almendra is drifting nearby 156

Издательство: Playboy
Год издания: 2017
Жанр: Мужской журнал
Формат: PDF
Язык: Английский
Качество: Высокое
Иллюстрации: Цветные
Страниц: 194
Размер: 59.5 Мб

Скачать Playboy USA (May-June 2017)

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